Now officially open!Bilder

Posted by Mats Wed, October 29, 2008 20:57:31

The new Bunny.nu blog is now officially open! http://www.bunny.nu now directs our readers to the new blog. If you still end up here, please update your bookmark!

Curious FlynnBilder

Posted by Mats Wed, October 29, 2008 15:14:00

Flynn the Little Red Bunny must have heard the rumors about treats being served at the grand opening of the new Bunny.nu blog, he looks very determined to be part of the action!

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Sneak previewBilder

Posted by Mats Tue, October 28, 2008 17:47:48

Goldy and Benji are trying to get a sneak preview of the new Bunny.nu.

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Working on a new Bunny.nuBilder

Posted by Mats Sun, October 26, 2008 20:49:21

I have learnt that the Bunny.nu software causes trouble to some of our visitors. I will therefore move the blog to a better software platform (WordPress, thanks to Keithius for suggesting it!).

This is just an early warning (or promise), it will take some time before I get the time to sit down and learn enough about css and php to customize the new software into a new Bunny.nu. I the mean time, enjoy another busy worker digging away!

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The quest for the majestik møøseBilder

Posted by Mats Tue, October 21, 2008 19:46:18

In their quest for the majestik møøse, Betsy and Gus have found a spotting place. Eventually, the majestik møøse will surely appear here! Blog image

A cute little bunletBilder

Posted by Mats Sat, October 18, 2008 16:28:56

Look what a cute little bunlet I found among my bunny pictures from the Internet!

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